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  product part number model name description
Refurbished Printers
Color Express InfoPrint 1634
Color Express InfoPrint 1754
Color Express InfoPrint 1764
Color Express InfoPrint 1767
CutSheet InfoPrint 2190
Cutsheet InfoPrint 2210
Dot Matrix  4224
Dot Matrix  4230-101/102/1E3
Dot Matrix  4232-302
Dot Matrix  4247-001
Dot Matrix  4247-A00
Dot Matrix  InfoPrint 4247-003
Dot Matrix  InfoPrint 4247-L03
Dot Matrix  InfoPrint 4247-V03
Dot-Matrix  4226-302
High Speed Laser 3160-001
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v05
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v10
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v15
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v1P
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v20
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6500v5p
Industrial Line Matrix InfoPrint 6700
Laser Printer 4312-001
Laser Printer 4317-001
Laser Printer 4324-001
Laser Printer 4332-001
Line Printer 6262
Line Printer 6400i05
Line Printer 6400i10
Line Printer 6400i15
Line Printer 6400i1P
Line Printer 6400i24
Line Printer 6400i2S
Line Printer 6400i5P
Line Printer  6400-008/012
Line Printer  6408-CTA/CTO
Line Printer  6412-CTA/CTO
Monochrome Laser InfoPrint 1532
Monochrome Laser InfoPrint 1612
Monochrome Laser InfoPrint 1622
Thermal Label Printer 5504R40
Thermal Label Printer 5504R60
Thermal Label Printer 5504R80
Thermal  Printer 4400

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Lexmark Printers New - Used CLI - Computer Labs International - Text Terminals - New Used Dascom Serial Dot Matrix Printers Kyocera Laser Printers - New / Used New and Used Intermec printers and equipment, service contracts Discounted Printronix continuous form printers, New and Used Copiers, Color Printers, Fax Machines, Supplies & Service Contracts, Ricoh Reliable used and new bar code & specialty label printing solutions for Zebra Line printers, dot matrix printers, laser, and color laser printer systems from Tally. Monochrome printers new and used.

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